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How to test Online Shopping (for ex: rediff shopping or eBay) applications ?

Write the scenarios for online shopping...

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You mean testing E-Commerce application? or Web Application?

Web Application only..
I am considering it as a web based ecommerce application.
First important part is write all requirements. It must include functional, system, browser, nonfunctional, perform,ance, volume, stress requirements.
Most important part of ecommerce application are
1. Statutory and regulatory requirements
2. Privacy and confidentiality requirements
3. Security requirements
4. UI, usability requirements
5. Online help, support availability requirements
6. BCP and DRP requirements
Write the test cases for each of these aspects and conduct testing
what is BCP and DRP requirements? can you elaborate it please?
Hi Sekhar,

I am uploading an article on "Performance Testing for an Online Shopping Portal". Hope this will be helpful to you.



According to Top e-Commerce Testing Company in the USA, You should have to focus on the below things while doing e-Commerce application testing.

  • Data security
  • Responsiveness
  • Secure transaction
  • User experience
  • Compatibility

I would like to suggest you go with Test Automation e-Commerce Testing for better and fast result 


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