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How to test Mobile Applications? Is there any process to check functionality/ security/ performance testing?

Please help me


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Hi Namrata ,

We can test a mobile application in 2 ways
1.On device(mobile device)
2.on PC(emulator)

Testing mobile applications is similar to any applications.But first you need to know about the features
you are developing and what are the upgrades you are doing.

Be clear with the requirements.
Process for functionality,security and performance depends on the mobile platform.
I have worked on Ericsson Mobile Platform.
I have used Ericsson mobile and Nokia N80 device.

Feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
Hi sireesha,

How are you?
I have seen your comments those are very clear.

Can you tell me some thing briefly about how we can test a mobile application using "PC (emulator)".
I mean the process how we are doing.

Thanks in Advance.
Hi Vani,

Its very straight forward.Just whatever application your testing you can observed in the emulator.
Some features of the mobile can't be testing on the emulator like signal strength,establishing a call,establishing a network connection,Blue tooth connection.......these features must be tested on the mobile only we can't test in the PC environment.

The PC emulator will depends on the mobile platform.I will try to explain you.

Foreg:Just program a small C program like adding two numbers.You compile/Build the source code.
Here you can debug to check the exact flow of the program what you wanted.
or Can run to see the output

Same here also ,once the source code is built,you will be cheking the result in the emulator(like the screen you see in C program output but its a mobile emulator so you will see the mobile image and you feel same working as working on a Mobile :) )

Hope I am clear.

Please feel free to contact me.

Best Regards,
Hi Sireesha,
Is there a free mobile device emulator that can be used for testing online(I can google it, but looking for some first hand information here)?

Happy Testing
Parimala Shankaraiah
Hi Parimala Shankaraiah,

I am not sure but in QT only I saw some thing regarding it.I will search and will post related to it for sure.

Best Regards,
I have searched for "FREE" stuff but couldn't find any.

Here are some links (paid):

Mobile Device anywhere (paid service):

Service provided to test mobile applications: http://www.mobiletestcentre.com/aboutus.html

Most of the companies go for these but if as an individual you would like to go for it then it cost you more.

Best Regards,


testing is my passion!!!

To answer your question which I believe lost somewhere in this thread: I'll put in words as below-->

Well, in terms on functionality you can start up by using device simulators. Today's simulators are very accurate and really close to the real thing.

In terms of usability you do get a fill of some of it, however there are things that can only be truly tested on an actual device.

In terms of GUI testing, this differs from device to another & from carrier to another and many times device simulator just won't give you the correct result, hence you need to treat such testing respectably.

If you're interested I can give you links for downloading such simulators of BlackBerry, Nokia S60, Windows Mobile Standard/Professional, etc.

Best Regards,


testing is my passion!!!
For Mobile based application, On Security Testing front :

Mainly security testing is performed If the mobile application is related to Transactional services [i.e Credit/Debit Cards OR any confidential credentials OR application centric defined secure fields, comes to the picture].

For the same, There are different industry standards used to certify/verify the mobile based applications security level. and one of the most accepted industry standard is PCI/DSS, PA/DSS. One can use guidelines to certify/verify the application security level.

One needs to verify the the db log file for that application running on mobile. [this can be transferred from mobile to PC through cable].

If you need insight on how to test mobile apps for security, may be you want to start from https://testinsane.com/blog/sandeep-tuppads-view-and-experience-on-...

Hello buddy,

Mobile app testing must combine a benefit program which involves most of the target devices chosen. It also includes an optimal blend of testing tools- both manual and automated.

Testing of mobile apps is the method which is crucial and due importance should be given to it so that the apps are launched in the marketplace in a timely way and meeting the budget requirements.

Notes on Testing

In the present situation, it is essential that the solutions suggested for mobile app testing provide for continuous integration testing for both primary applications as well as web-based apps.

This must also enable testers to build, modification, or execute tests in a jiffy. The testing solution must also give the plug-in for integrating into Jenkins, or mix with a CI server as an ANT task.

Types of Mobile Application Testing

Crash-Free Testing: This allows to check the durability of the application and eligibility to take a load. Testing specialists also check if its impacts other applications leading to the bad user experience.

Security Testing: All penetration and firewall issues are sorted out to make sure that no one can obtain information on your device when you are using a specific application.



Hi, If you are looking for full regression and exploratory testing, you may go with Webomates, they find the bugs in 24 hours. I have been using Webomates for a while and it is satisfying.

Tips to test mobile application
  1. Learn the app you are going to test.
  2. Remember the differencies between desktop and mobile  software testing.
  3. Take into account the operating system and hardware specifics.
  4. Use real devices when it is possible.
  5. Don't Try to Find the “Swiss Army Knife” of Testing.


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