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How to test Angular JS applications using Selenium Webdriver?

Currently I am using selenium webdriver for testing web applications. 

Currently my developers are introducing new technology and rebuilding web application in Angualar JS.

How to test Angular JS applications using Selenium Webdriver? and How to configure.?

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Hi Madhuri,

I hope this link will help you:



Vishal D.

Thanks Vishal.  I am having this link.

Nothing to configure, if you know how to write the XPATHs manually, instead using FIrepath then most of your job is completed. Another thing is you need to traverse through multiple div tags and need to get the span elements at the end.

Use of Javascript Executor will be used in this.

Thanks Ramesh!

If you don't mind can you please provide one sample script.

As said earlier, if you are trying to click on span element below is the Xpath given by Firpath:


if you write manually then the Xpath will be:  //span[text()='lowerDataGridContainer']

Advantage in writing manually is, tomorrow if any of the div tag is missing or added in future by the developers then your testcase wont fail.

Thanks Ramesh !


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