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how to switch from company with experience only of self exploratory testing?

I am totally wasting time over here by doing self exploratory testing
i don't want this
please anyone give me any suggestion what to do
how to increase my knowledge about testing


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Hi samrat,

r u talking about this book-

because i have checked on net.  lot of book is there for foundation of software testing,please confirm the book name with writer.
send me material too, mail id- gomurari@gmail.com


 Yes I am talking about the same book..

HI Samrat,

   i have same problem. so Could you plz send me testing related docs to my mail id to crack my interview.


i would be highly obliged.


my mail id is : mail4ankitgarg@gmail.com



Ankit Garg

HI Samrat,

   Could u plz send me testing related docs to my mail id manukeerthi@gmail.com

i am looking for change i have 1+year of experience in testing...please help me out


Dear Samrat,

I have the same problem and i do have only exploratory testing experience and no one even calling for the interview. Now I would like to get some hands on experience and will there be any website or materials that I can practice. 

PI really appreciate if you could send me the materials at:   ikmaratah@yahoo.com


Thx, Ind

Hi Samrat,

Pls provide me the Interview questions and testing materials.My amil id is vbrahminder@yahoo.com




Hello Samrat Jha sir,


        I am also facing a same problem , can u please forward those documents to my mail id- arun1919@gmail.com.


       Thanks in advance





Hi Samrat,

How you doing?

I have few documents which i have already read 1-2 times. But, now not willing read those and also want to judge myself that whether i am correct or not. Actually documents are collected by me from the different websites.

I am willing to learn more things.... in this way i can update my skills as well as can utilise in my current organisation as i have told you before that i am only tester in my team. No body is here to give proper guidance.

Can you send me few of your documents which would help me for attending interviews and also knowing the testing conpets in details????

My mail id is amitamohapatra@gmail.com

Thanks in advance.



I would recommend some serious soul searching and answering the age old interview question - Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Once this is understood you can put together a plan around expertise, people network, certifications. automation, product knowledge, programming skills and see if the current company can offer you this career path.

If not, utilize your existing skills and polish your resume to outline this objective and plans you are taking to get there. Outline the plan in the cover letter and how you can be a solution in the role to the company's need.

Best of luck!



I recommend that you look at expanding your testing interests to include automated testing to save time during regression tests and to learn something new. It also looks good on your CV/resume. There are many open source automated testing tools available to use depending on the application type you are testing.

Knowledge is power. Get more of it!


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