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how to switch from company with experience only of self exploratory testing?

I am totally wasting time over here by doing self exploratory testing
i don't want this
please anyone give me any suggestion what to do
how to increase my knowledge about testing


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Go for some certifications.. it will increase your knowledge and give some edge in interviews also.


thanks subhendra,

certification in the sense ISTQB

ok wil u provide me any information about this or study material plz?





 Hi Sanu,

          First of all I shall tell you that You are not wasting your time , In fact maximum are doing exploratory testing . even I would say , Exploratory testing is a best way to deal with changing requirements and testing an application without Spec.. okay If you are really looking for change then read a book named " Foundation of software testing " twice and upload your resume properly specially update Resume headlines , Key skills and Summary along with Cover letter and You will start getting calls provided You should have 1+ yrs of experience ........


Even You can drop me a mail , I shall provide you Interview questions and testing materials .



Samrat Jha.

thanks for d reply samrat

but they don't give me such work also by this hw i can improve my knowledge..

self exploratory testing doesn't involves all d stages of testing

hence i m not able to give any intervw also b'coz of these they are asking me about creation of test plan, creation of test cases , bug reporting i havnt knowledge of all this b'coz no documentation done over here

it just irritating by sitting idle over here

plz help me

my email id is sanm_12@yahoo.co.in






 That is why I am telling you to read that book.. If you read that book 2/3 times ( which will take you hardly 1 month ) That is the very book applicable for ISTQB CTFL Certification .. If you wish You can even go for certification too...   Simply read that book as many times as you can and You can easily crack any interview ..! 

 I have all the required material and I am forwarding you the same..


ok thanks samrat

i wil go for it

many many thanks to u

Hi samrat,

      I am also looking for change.could u plz send me testing related docs to my mailid-mbehera085@gmail.com


 Sure .. but I have got 3 different email ids of Ur's at different places so its better You drop me a mail at Samrat.bats@gmail.com.  and be specific that what you need because I find it difficult to decide that what should I send as I have loads of Material ..


@ Samrat - Plz kindly send the materials to email id also ' rsrajez@gmail.com '

hai samrat sir ,

 i m anusha i m also facing same problem like sanu.please forward material for me also

here is my id :rukku88@gmail.com

Hi Samrat,

I'm also looking for change ,can you please send me interview question and testing material.

my email ID-riteshshukla1385@gmail.com

Thanks in Advance




plz let me know is there any openings in your company, mail to : raju16prasad@gmail.com



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