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How to set up Test environment for my website application?

Hi friends,

I am working as a software Test engineer ,As i am the person to take care of my web application in case of testing,i would like to clear my Major doubt regarding the Test environment.

I am working on the Joomla,wordpress CMS sites,and normal HTML site too,..i started my work by writing Test scenarios/test cases Manually, but for the Security,Database testing,what is the way to implement that kind of testing on my project?? and how to setup the test environment generally in my local computer???

Awaiting for your kind guidelines....

Thank you..

Seetha Lakshmi

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If I have to run test environment at my own computer, then I use virtual machine. I usually use Virtualbox https://www.virtualbox.org/. Then operating system is usually Debian or Ubuntu. Then I install required components to that environment. It includes e.g. Apache, PHP, possible additional libraries. If I need e-mail capabilities, then also mail server. You have to read Linux manuals to do that.

Another option is to get server from Amazon EC, and use that. It is simpler and often more real life case, and you don't have to waste memory for the virtual machine and guest system. It is quite cheap (less than 20$/month) if you don't create  plenty of traffic.

You can't test whole security at test environment. Security is always context depended. How the Apache is configured, firewalls, other protections - they all affect to that. So notify your client about risks. You can't test performance neither.

Hopefully this helps you to start. You really should read the manuals, and start learning. It helps you to become better tester.

Hii Teemu Vesala,

Thanks for your Kind reply with valuable information...:) and pls send some Linux manuals Reference URL or material ..Thanks once again ,,,,


Seetha Lakshmi

Hi Lakshmi,

I would like to add some more points to Vesala's valuable information.Just create war file of your application and deploy it in testing environment servers like Apache,Mysql server and if required additional libraries.You can go through  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP for  Apache,Mysql and PHP installation and configuration.Here you can perform Security and database testing on different context.

Hope it helps you to start, let me know if you need more information on it.



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