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Is there any method or docs thru which we can know what all cases we need to run

for regression testing ?

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Hi  Neha,

Simply we make a decision about those test cases which we need to execute again and again... and test cases which covers that area of the application which may have side effects of the changes ...    list those test cases and make them part of regression test suite...

Sometimes, Impact Analysis is done to make it sure that if changes is done , which all area will be impacted and it helps in deciding the test cases which should be put under regression test suite..

Here comes the specifics :-------------

1) Those test cases which covers the Code functionality of the software becomes the part of Regression Test Suite.

2) Those test cases which you need to run again and again ( Priority test cases ) becomes the part.

3) Those test cases which has been written which has exposed more number of defects in the previous test run.

4) Those test cases which has been written for those areas which has been changed frequently in recent time.

5) Test cases which has been written for those areas which is highly visible to the User.

6) Test cases which covers the mandatory requirements of the Customer ..

7) Successful test cases ( which has revealed most test cases in the past versions ) will  also become the part of regression test pack...

Even the new test cases get added and old test cases may get deleted from the regression test pack time to time... ( I mean we maintain the Regression test pack during the life cycle of the Project )

Hope it will help You ..


Samrat Jha

Technical Executive


Thanks Samrat..this was helpful !!

As Smart said , we mainly focus on the high priority testcases and we will cover sanity testing of all features in  the regression cycle.

You can select any of the regression strategy to pick your test cases out of your suite, like..

1) Regress ALL - best(whole regression suite)

2) Regress severity and priority

3) Regress Defects/issues

4) Regress SMOKE suite

the above strategies are going to help when you have your project constraints available TIME, COST and EFFORT(testers in our case)


              How to Identify Regression Test cases...........


              How to Identify Regression Test cases...........


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