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How to select past date and future date in calendar window using selenium tool?

I started learning Selenium automation tool. I was struck in middle. I am checking one webpage using selenium tool.

I want to select past date and future date in calendar window using selenium tool.

How to do that? I was installed Selenium IDE.

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Hi ,
It would be better if u can provide some more information about the application u r working on.
As you are using Selenium IDE , basically its record and play back option should allow you to do the action you are trying to automate. The normal issues which could be preventing you form doing the selection of the past or future date from the calender would be something like selenium is not able to identify the object or something like that .
If u can specific the exact error u r getting there or at wat point u r getting stuck on the action , then any one of us might be able to provide u a solution for that.



- For Calender automation we have to check whether it's a JS-Calender or HTML-JS Calender.

- Before approaching for calender-automation I would suggest the developer that they should build the calender with each of its component which must having proper HTML ID with implementing keyboard functionality.

-JS-Calender can be easily operate using some Key board events.Try to figure out what are the keys are used for Calender Operation.

- Calender functionality can be automated using Key-Board, Mouse functionality using Selenium with Java.awt.Robot API.

- For this first to set focus on calender pop up window then use some selenium commands of keyboard events.




hi if use java rc ,you can get the current data & some other day using java and then sustitute



Thanks for post as im also looking for same...

but can suggest u for something.


You can have js file for current date and update it.

and for another end date field,which  can be future date for setting end date i.get the data from start date using store Text Present

 ii.and add 7 to the variable and set it to end date
Just try this one.
As i am not perfect in programming, unable to go head.Please somebody could help me out.
Thanks in advance
Thanks and Regards,

var currentTime = new Date();

check this :


can you please tel me how you can use js in selenium IDE?
we will use getEval method to execute js in RC,same should be the case with IDE!


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