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how to run test suite in selenium project.

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You can run selenium test script many ways for e.g. local on your system, selenium grid and now days with the popularity of cloud testing, you can run selenium scripts on cloud platforms like sauce labs, cross browser testing, lambdatest etc. are few of the platform which supports running selenium scripts on cloud. 

There are few limits when it comes to running tests locally. As significant investments would be required to build a local infrastructure on which to run tests. Because you need powerful computers with various combinations of operating systems and versions of web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.) installed on them. There is a pretty slim chance that you can cover all of the corner test cases with automation tests on local computers. As a result, test coverage would likely be compromised.

Automated browser testing on local infrastructure is neither cheap nor scalable. Even if you're willing to invest in the overall infrastructure, you won't get the same quality of performance, test performance, competition, test coverage, and so on. which you would probably get with cloud testing in Selenium.


If you want to run a test suite in Selenium then I would like to suggest you go with this article. check here: https://www.testrigtechnologies.com/what-is-selenium-webdriverautom...


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