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Currently, I am able to run my test suite in one device only. 

I want to run same test case in multiple devices. How to do that?

Anyone having sample script, please share.



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Well, I was learning about this last week. May be this will help you: https://www.3pillarglobal.com/insights/parallel-testing-on-multiple...

Thanks Nick. 

Hi Madhvi,

I am a tester in a software qa company which is one of the best software testing companies and provides top notch mobile testing services. Following is the way to run script(s)/testcase(s) on two different Android devices:

1) To start with we have to identify the devices on which we want to run our run script(s)/testcase(s) i.e. perform parallel testing. By identifying the devices I mean knowing their UDIDs which can be done by opening terminal and running command “adb devices.”

2) Create Different folders named after each UDID Each folder and create an “appium.txt” file. In this file add following parameters:
a) A “deviceName”  
b) The UDID that will be the same as the parent folder
c)The port that will be used for starting Appium, it should be a unique port i.e it is not used by other processes. Also,  each device should have different port configured.
d)noSign = true; this parameter is added because the Appium code is signing the application to a .tmp file for one of the connected devices and failed when we tried to do the same for the second device.
Note: Each time we need to add a new device for testing, it is required to create a new folder with its UDID.

3) Create the script to run the same tests on several devices. This includes:a) Identify and create the list of connected devices.b) Start Appium server for each connected device.



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