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Can anyone tell me how to run a batch of scripts on the QTP ?





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all programs->QTP->tools-> test batch runner


batch tab->add

For running the Batch tests, QTP provides a tool like Test Batch Runner Or AOM Concepts.

Here I am explaining the How to handle Test Batch Runner Tool

Please find out the attachment to invoke Test Batch Runner

Select Add tab under Batch menu

Add required tests to tool

to execute

press F5 or select Run tab From Batch Menu.


If you have any doubts feel free to ask.



Suresh CH

Thanks suresh for your reply .

Sorry u forgot to attach the file, can u please attach the reqyired one.

Thanking you.



Goto Start - Programs - QTP- Tools - Select Batch Runner Option

In that Create a Batch of Tests and execute by using Add Option u can add the tests.

if u want to schedule the progam u can schedule it in control panel - Scheduled Tasks 




Hi Suresh,

Can you please send  me attachment to invoke Test Batch Runner.

And one more thing is what is AOM Concept ?

Can  you please explain me ?

Thanking you.

Hi Debapriya,

Pls find the attachement.Balaji share valuable thoughts.

AOM (Automation Object Model) ,This is one of the automation model which is used for automation.

Here every thing can be stored in .VBS files and while execution just double click on VBS file.

Automatically QTP invokes,and do what ever the things insist in Script.


suppose there are two scripts script1,script2


To run those two scripts ,We will follow script as given below

set QtpApp=createobject("Quicktest.application")



QtpApp.open ("C:\test1")

set QtpTest=QtpApp.test




QtpApp.open ("C:\test2")

set QtpTest=QtpApp.test





save the above script as "aom_test.vbs"

And double click on that that vbs file

automatically QTP invokes and run those scripts and QTP closes itself.



For any other doubts ping me once.



Suresh CH


All the mentioned points are correct.

But there are known issues in Batch Runner

For example, if we are executing 10 tests in a batch, at the end we can't get the consolidated test result where we need to go every individual test and get from there. You can get the results for the last test in the batch

In most of the cases, if you stop the batch in middle, you can't run the batch again. You need to close the batch runner window and open the batch runner again.

When each and every test completes, application(AUT) goes back and QTP comes front and opens the script and then executes.


Please let me know all your concerns on this





yes balaji ur right 

we can get only last test results, if we want to see individual results we have to go by manual only.




It should run in test Batch runner 

before that u should save all action in any location 

 open Test bactch runner from Qtp tools ,

add all the action in batch runner screen and run it. 

 it will not generate Test Result

You can run the batch of scripts with Multi test manager also.



Could you please explain on multi test manager as we didn't tried with this.




Multi Test Manager(MTM) is a tool supporting QTP and also a product of Mercury.It allows you to add your batch test, scripts you have written and schedule the test automation execution.

1. Install MTM.
2. Open MTM.
3. Click open button and select the qtp scripts you want to run.
4. After selecting all the scripts you want to run, click run button in MTM to execute all the scripts in Batch.
5. Wait for the execution to complete and your results of all the scripts you added will be displayed in IE.


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