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How to load shared Object Repository once for all Test Scripts.

Hi I want to associate Shared Object Repository with my all Test Scripts. But I want to Associate/Put SOR only once for all Test Script.

If I Add this line in Function Library -
RepositoriesCollection.Add("C:\Users\Hp\Desktop\or.tsr") Then at second execution it shows error.

If I add this line in individual Test Scripts then it works. But then I need to copy this line in 100 Test Scripts. while loading it will be dependent to that test script only.

Can you tell me one way so for 100 Test Scripts I can associate SOR only once. No need to associate/ or copy in 100 Test script. Once for all scripts.

Thanks & Regards,
Robin Tyagi

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You should define the Repositories Collection.Add to a test file only, let the test file be main test file. From this file you call the test script that you wanted to execute. so that obj repositories is associated only once before the execution of actual test script, otherwise it would throw the error for second time execution.

You can try with AOM.

I attached two files .

1. obj.vbs 


In Sheet1 excel file , from 2nd row onwards enter the path of the script 

In Sheet2 , In 2nd row enter the path of the object repository

And Change the path of the excel file in vbs , where it stored.

Execute the obj.vbs file



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