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Hi frnds

  Any one help me to install bugzilla... i want to know where can download and how to install bigzilla..

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It can be downloaded from http://www.bugzilla.org/ . Same site has also the installation instructions, see http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/4.4/en/html/installing-bugzilla.html .

The installation procedure varies depending upon the Operating System. You can refer to the relevant section of the Official Documentation.Bugzilla is an important tool in software testing, Here are the links for the current releases of Bugzilla:

Chapter 2. Installing Bugzilla

As per the experience of best cloud testing services, you can simply install bugzilla from the 'Manual Downloads' section of "https://www.bugzilla.org/download/" page. Once you download it, observe that it comes up with the ".tar.gz extension" which is compatible with the Windows platform.
Bugzilla further requires various PERL modules to get installed. Some of these modules are mandatory to be installed, however, some are optional as per your need.

Following are some of the mandatory modules which needs to be installed for the Bugzilla to work properly:
- CGI.pm
- Digest-SHA
- TimeDate
- DateTime
- DateTime-TimeZone
- Template-Toolkit
- Email-Sender
- Email-MIME
- List-MoreUtils
- Math-Random-ISAAC
- File-Slurp
- Win32
- Win32-API
- DateTime-TimeZone-Local-Win32

These modules can be installed using the command "ppm install <modulename>"


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