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for example :


first time my page name is page1 , next time my page name will be  page2 like that it wll change





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Put regular expression for that object properties text/where it is identifying exactly the link i.e [a-z][A-Z].*,

can we can descriptive programe for this ??
Yes. very well we can handle this is descriptive programming
Dear Kishore GP,
As per your question i had doubt, is this name in your QTP Script..... or in Application....
I believe this is in your QTP Script only...

Very easy to over come this problem,
manually add the needed object in Object repository under browser->Page->Needed Objects all...

now in your script use only Browser(" " ).Page("Page").....

If you feel not clear please let me know...
Hi Saravanan,

Can you explain bit more about 'how to use regular expressions" using descriptive programming.

And also i had one query about descriptive programming. We have to pass the object properties (Attribute,Value) in the script. Is that object has to be available in the object repository ?

Does this make sense? Pls let me know.


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