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how to get the count of rows having same value in excel sheet in qtp


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Observe the following code:

dim exo,wbo,wso,r

set exo=createobject("Excel.Application") ' creating the excel object

set wbo=exo.workbooks.open("Path of the excel file") ' creating the workbook object

set wso=wbo.worksheets("Sheet Name") ' creating the worksheet object

r=wso.usedrange.rows.count ' counting the number of rows in the specified excel sheet


In variable "r" you will get the number of rows in the specified excel sheet.

in the same way you can also know the number of columns in the excel sheet:

c=wso.usedrange.columns.count ' number of columns in the specified excel sheet.



static File_Path="";#Exact Path of the Excel file
static rc,T_R_C;
#Action:Count the number of Rows in the Excel sheet

if((rc!=E_OK) && (rc!=E_FILE_OPEN))
treturn("File Not Open");
printf("\t Number of Rows in the Table is :\t" T_R_C);


Set a= CreateObject("Excel.Application")
Set b=a.workbooks.open("d:\es.xls")
Set c=b.worksheets("Sheet1")
column_count= c.usedrange.columns.count
row_count= c.usedrange.rows.count
Msgbox "No.of Columns="&column_count
Msgbox "No.of Rows="&row_count


No.of Columns=3
No.of Rows=5


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You are giving answers for used row & column count in Excel.

Query is, In excel sheet we have 3 rows, 1st & 3rd rows have same value. how can we get row count of that rows in Excel sheet. Am i right Chandrakanth? If it is wrong analysis pls.. sorry.



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