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How to GET AIS HP0-M15(QC 9.2) and HP0-M16(QTP 9.2) certification

How to GET AIS HP0-M15(QC 9.2) and HP0-M16(QTP 9.2) certification I want to write HP certification from HP ,can any one give me the complete details from the scratch.that means how to pay the money to where to write the exam.what is material that is needed to read,

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Please refer the below link:


where are u staying?
if u from hyderabad
go directly to MindQ,there examination center also
U have to write through any prometric center lik NIIT. It costs something around 3,500 for both qc and qtp

but now 9.2 version is not available, HP has updated all the version to 10 so u can write version 10 only.

As far as study mateial is concerned you can go through any previous dumps or check it with this site


go through all the questions available in this site you will score well.
thank u Aswin for giving valuable information
hmm.. al d best for ur exam
where we need to pay money
In NIIT center which has the certification facility..
Friends version & syllabus is changes , dumps wont help now .

Get practical training [not from any Institute faculty ] & most question based on it . Dont 100 % mug from dumps
sure .I will try my best


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