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How to find performance of a Tester? I want to know how my team lead rating my performance at appraisal time.

All Team Leads and Project Manager can answer this question. How many possibilities are there for rating a tester.

Lakshmi Priya

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I agree with Bibek Khatiwara & Manish's answers. Thanks guys.
Welcome Ruchi...& share your opinion also :)
In a discussion on Test Metrics and evaluating tester performance, few words from Michael Bolton:

Any reward system that is based on numbers--especially monodimensional numbers--can and will be gamed.

- If you reward your testers based on the number of bugs, you provide an incentive for your testers to report duplicate, spurious, and shallow bugs, and you provide a disincentive for deep and thoughtful testing.

- If you punish your testers for reporting duplicate bugs, you provide an incentive for them to search the database to make sure that they aren't reporting duplicates--which takes time away from testing.

- If you punish your testers for rejected bugs, you provide a disincentive for them to report observations that might be bugs--at which point representativeness bias kicks in, and big problems that merely look like small problems will go unreported.

- Instead of focusing on quantitative measures, focus on qualitative ones. Seek value and information, rather than numbers and data.

-Michael Bolton.
Hi All,

In My opinion it will have some or all of the following points:
- quality of test plans
- quality of test cases
- quality of bug reports
- ability of SQA Engineers to research and acquire a new testing skills
- attitude towards coworkers
- ability to manage time effectively
- capacity to respond to changing priorities

let me know if I am wrong..

You can also refer to this link: http://www.stickyminds.com/sitewide.asp?Function=edetail&Object...

Himanshu Patel


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