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Hi I started working with jmeter to test the load of my web application which is .net platform. 

1. New Test scenario 
2. Right click on workbench - Config element - Add Http cookie manager, Http cache manaher, Http header manager 
2. Right click on workbench - HTTP Test script recorder 
3. Click on Start in the HTTP Test script recorder 
4. Recorded the login script 
5. Copied all the recordings to test plan 
6. In thread group - number of users 1, ram up period 1, loop count 1 
7. Added Listeners View results tree and View results table. 
8. Execute the scripts 

I can see that user logined into application using listener tree - HTML, but i am seeing a message like "Javascript is not enabled in this browser. Enable Javascript for this application to work correctly" 

To get rid of this message and to enable java script what i need to do as i know jmeter is not a browser to run java scripts. 

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Here's more about testing .NET applications with JMeter: http://blazemeter.com/blog/aspnet-login-testing-jmeter 

JMeter is not supposed to execute the JavaScript. It just mimics the browser, and it has to extract the submitted information other ways. 


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