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What is Usability Testing? How to do usability testing in web applications?

Any on answer my question please

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Hi Anisha,

Usability is the combination of fitness for purpose, ease of use, and ease of learning that makes a product effective. Usability testing focuses on determining if the product is easy to learn, satisfying to use and contains the functionality that the users desire.....

For doing an Usability testing for Web applications we need to Follow

1) Scalability
2) Virtual Design
3) Comprehension
4) Interactivity
5) Change Management

In web application we will check whether the User friendliness, Less number of actions to perform, Spelling Mistakes, Links......etc

If anything more please Let me know

Hi Gowtham,

Can you explain about above five points,so that we get a clear idea..............


@ Gowtham I am not convinced with your reply :( I expect better reply than this from you especially!

Coming to the query,

Usability is of 2 types, you have to refer to CONTROL Matrix to judge the authentication of the UI

1) GUI
2) User documentation


Testing the user friendliness, ease of use and presentation of a web page is GUI.

Under GUI we have to test these things,

1) Start from top left -> bottom right navigating the web page step by step.
2) Check for spelling mistakes
3) Check for alignments, font size, face and colours
4) Check for the layout style, design and size
5) Check for the logo or icons or banners
6) check for the navigation controls (back, next, continue etc)
7) Check for images, graphics, flash, swish or any other such stuff
8) Check for the tool tips
9) Check the field level validations of each control like menus, buttons, text boxes, combo or list boxes, drop downs, text areas etc
10) Check the hyper links, frames and forms within the page.
11) Check for the tabbing order
12) Check all the properties of the controls ex: tab, tool tip, focus etc...

User documentation:

Testing the help content, documentation(FAQ) of the web page is User documentation.
1) Check the content is true as per the query or question
2) Check the formatting and paragraphing
3) Check the search option in help
4) Check expanding and contracting of the tree items..

*****There are many more things I gave only few.

i am adding some more points ...

13) Validation issues
14) Look and feel issues for different browser


As a part of Top Usability testing company in the USA and India, I would like to share my thoughts on this topic. To constantly improve your Usability testing services there are some important practices of usability testing to test each functionality of the application.

So, Here is the list of good usability testing practices.

1- Design and Prepare the proper test plan

2- Define team roles

3- Identify testing metrics

4- Work on Pilot Test

5- Apply Real Test

6- Report the issues

7- Discuss issues

8- Work on improvement

As per best practices of software testing company, usability testing is something in which testers need to test the application before releasing it to the market by keeping in mind the perspective of end users. All those scenarios with numerous permutations and combinations are performed on the application with user's perspective so that no flaws remain in the application after its release.

It can be performed by executing all possible scenarios on different type of devices like Windows, MAC, mobile devices with various screen sizes. Apart from positive cases, one should also execute the negative or boundary line scenarios to completely justify the usability testing.

Also, your familiarity with the application might prevent you from catching some usability issues. So, to overcome this situation, you can take help from any other member of your group/team who has not worked on the same application yet because he/she will test it as per end user who is not aware of the application functionality and here, you will have chances to catch bugs.


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