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     How to carry out manual testing for a process which does't have any user interface page ?

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Hey Ankita

Explain in detail?



HI sandeep


Suppose u are working on a project which has a hidden page, which has some functions but i.e not an interface than, u can't see that page than how do u perform manual testing for that.

HI ankitha,

as far as i know,there is no concept of testing with out interface page.

for example if u r doing mainframe/v+testing on particular functionality then u will be testing cobol programs and jcl ie if we execute a cobol prgm whether we are getting the expected result.


and coming to website tesing etc there will be an interface page for sure


hope this helped u

correct me if am wrong

Hi raja

Thanks for ue replay.

Many applications are there  where we can't see the interface page .

without interface, only option to test is "web services" or wsdl

you see interface but not as UI interface. but you still can test manual testing.

for example: sopaui, soatest


let me know, if you or any one find correct or incorrect.


Hi srinivas


Thanks for ur reply.

Dop u have any exp. in above tools ?

Do they need any scripting language to use ?



I am working on an interface less application which manages 10 TB data, still in my early stages of learning the application though.


Our's is a Business Process system which doesn't deal with interfaces rather servers(app, DB), win and web services.


When I say BPS it's clear evident that data and control flow are to be tested. Manual testing we conduct is E-E, Integration, SIT(includes DB) and SOA(all the involved services). We extensively make use of OOM & D. Activity, interaction, collaboration, state transition, sequence, deployment diagrams as part of Design and Requirements.


Untill and unless you don't know the flow you can't really test. Better know the functionality and flow.




Hi Siddiq

Thanks for your explanation.

If this is a interview question than what will be the clear answer in couple of lines ?


TTWT Magazine





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