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How to do security testing for desktop applications? If anybody having experience, please share me.

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Hi Madhumitha?

security testing for desktop applications are depend on the Client requriement.
like software os haring (Means which user installed the software for that user only application should work)
other than this like normal application should have login password. password should not saved in any unnecessary files.
while entering wrong password application should give error msg.
when user trying wrong password more than certain no. of time then application should close automatically.

But very major security of the desktop application will be given using Licensing the software..
so there you need to test respect to license Testing...

Hello buddy,

What I think is a desktop application needs desktop app security testing services not only regarding its access but also with respect to company and storage of its important information.

Usually, a web application requires even more protection with respect to its access, along with data security.

Because of the internet, everything is open which was good for business, but with everything good comes something risk. In this case, we got the hackers.

Secondly, even developers, who were trained in security and actually know security problems, suffer from lack of time.

Most developers are very busy and under a time crunch to get the applications out in time. They don’t have time to even do unit testing, forget about security testing.



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