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Hi All,

        Can any one have an idea about How to do Load Testing of Windows base Services ? is there any tool available then please suggest me .





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It would be difficult to load test a windows application, and I am not sure if that would yield any good result.  You will need to consider that in a windows application, only one person (usually) uses the one application at any one time on the one computer.  So load testing a windows application to run 20 windows applications on 1 computer isn't necessarily the best option.

If, however, you are trying to stress a database on the back end or something like that, you can achieve better results by providing a client proxy that will simulate what the windows application would do, or just simply call the object model to provide load on the database back end.

Finally, in order to test a UI you would need a framework to grab and handle windows. You can find windows using the FindWindowEx function.  That should get you started.




@ Alligatortek :

                   I accept your comments, but when the windows applications like survillance project , will work with many devices , so wat to do in that case.....Plz replay and correct me if i m wrong

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