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How to do accessibility testing of a website for a blind user or user have no eyes?

Hi All,

Please any can guide me how to do accessibility testing of google home page or flipkart.com or ebay.in etc.... for a blind users or a user have no eyes.



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How does a Blind end user uses these sites? <Requirements>

How is the application designed for such usage? <Design>

Wow .. Nice ..!

Using Total Validator you can do WAI Testing 

What is WAI Testing?

It is a type of UAT for people who have disabilities.  Any website wanted to publish in UK, USA, European countries they should follow corresponding country Law (Example: US 508, A, AA, AAA).

I have used Total Validator (very cheap, per license $35 during 2009) to test my AUT.

@Siddiq: Here is answer for your question:

Peoople who have challenge in their vision they will use a special device which will read webpage source and translate it to them.  This device has all feature they needed.  In order to understand your website by this special device you need to do WAI testing.  Please google on WAI for more information.


thanks a lot subbu

Hi Manadev,

I hope everything is good at your end!

Being a company providing 'qa testing services', 'manual testing services', automation services , accessibility testing services etc for now quite a decade, we have successfully delivered many accessibility testing related projects to our clients. So based on the experience let me share with you some quick tips and tricks along with the tools that are currently used in the market to make a product/application is accessible by blind users/visually impaired users/color blind users etc.

Now there are many tools(Scree Readers) available in the market but I will be listing the ones below that are most popular and the great part is that these tools are free.

Tools used:
1. Web Accessibility Testing Tool
- NVDA(Free Tool): It is a screen reader tool that would help a user having visual impairment to hear the content that is present under a
website.[if a product/application is designed as per WCAG 2.1 guidelines].

Flow of Testing: With the help of keyboard navigation(For Example: In order to navigate under the website/application it is possible through keyboard navigation(which blind users can easily access using their hands) with the help of 'Tab' key(to move forward i.e 'Left to Right' and 'Top to bottom' direction) and 'shift+Tab' key(to move backward i.e 'Right to left' and 'bottom to top' direction).

2. Mobile Accessibility Testing Tool: Android Platform
- TalkBack: Its a built-in screen reader tool under Android devices
- VoiceOver: Its a built-in screen reader tool under IOS devices

Flow of Testing: First enable above mobile inbuilt screen reader accessibility tools and with the help of different gestures you can easily
navigate under mobile apps too(For Example: Swipe 'left to right' in order to navigate in forward direction and access the next accessible element under the device and swipe 'Right to left' in order to navigate in backward direction and access the previous accessible element under the device).

I hope my answer helped.



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