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How to display the result in a excel columnwise in QTP


I am working in QTP 10.0. I have captured all the values from my java application and have exported the values to a excel sheet. The results (values captured from the application) are exported row wise but i want it to be column wise. Can anyone help me how to proceed with this. Thanks in advance

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Can you just give me the code which you have used to export the values into the excel normally to write the data we used to first create an excel object and with the help of the object we will create a worksheet and with that worksheet object we will write the data for instance if the worksheet object is ws then ws.cell(row,column)=""

Make sure that the row and column is clearly given



DataTable.Value ("Quantity",strDataSheet)=Quantity

Here strDataSheet is ur excel sheet name..and Quantity is u r column name...



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