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how to convince a developer to accept his fault / bug / error?

how to convince a developer to accept his fault / bug / error ? Urgent 

thanks in advance

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KapilDev Kapoor

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Please take the screen shot of that particular error/bug/fault that u found while testing and send it to developer and show him the exact spot of the error/bug.

Post the defect with steps in your tracker.
1) Then only thing to convince a developer is - Take screen shots and show it developer.
Hi ,

You can use CamStudio (recording tool) to capture sequence of a bug. It is having option to take screen shots. Attach the file with Bug reporting tool.

Convince with polite words with proper error records ;)
First of all, explain him 'Why do you think it is bug". (I wont call it a bug but rather 'Application behavior').
Not every behavior THAT YOU THINK is a bug is a bug. First thing to convince the developer is to stop finger point. Bug is not HIS FAULT. Try co-operation not allegation. As soon as you say 'Hey! you have done something wrong' he may felt offended. Instead you can 'hey! I am observing this behavior which seems incorrect'..

OK, Not going into psychological section. lets proceed

- Is application behavior not as per the requirements?. In such a case, it is simple to ask developer to follow the requirement document.

Note that it may be possible that requirement document has not covered 'this' particular use case. Normally the case that you have mentioned is the case of uncovered requirement or conflicting requirement and in such a case you must see the big picture. At broader level, What user problem that particular feature (that you are testing) is going to solve. If the current behavior is not assisting in the solution but at same time makes the things worse then it is bug. Then you need to convince, how that particular behaviour can be blocking or disturbing to user intent.
Ask him to access your machine and verify the defect!
Thanks alot for ur reply.....TC GOD BLESS U ALL
I agreed with all reply
but same question was asked me in Rave technology.

I had given the same reply as given by you guys

Interviewer asked me "Still the developer is not accepting then what will u do"

And i replied i will mail him keeping BA,TL and manager in loop" and in mail i will focus the impact or the importance of the bug in terms of functionality.

We are a testers our work is detection of defect.i did my job very well and i had informed all the authorites in a loop.now ball is in there court, if the bug reproduce in production then its not mine mistake though i already
raised it.

Kindly correct me if i am wrong

Thanks and regards
Ajaykumar Pardhi

what you have answered is right. If the bug which you posted is strong with proper explanation and screen shot means there is no fault from your side.

Rejecting a valid bug will show its impact in production so to overcome this type of situations we need to approach our TL so that we will be in safer side.

you replied the correct answer and now its the deal between your TL and developer
In many cases the project manager assigns the bug to devs and specially in situation where developer does not accept the bug. So you have to make sure that also manager side undestands the bug. Usually when I'm submitting questionable bug, I have two parts at report. First part is more technical which describes how to reproduce the bug, "hard evidences" like screenshots or log snippets. And second part is story how it impacts to real users. More detailed description about story telling is at my blog.


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