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How to calculate ideal response time for a webpage manually?

Hi All,

How to calculate ideal response time for a webpage manually? Can any one suggest me How to calculate ideal response time for a webpage manually?

Really appreciate your answers.


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The only way to test manually the response time is using a STOP Watch from your mobile or wrist watch.

Click on the action which seeks a response and start the stop watch, wait until the response is generated and page loaded successfully.

Time on the Stop watch is the response time, collect the environment details and try under different environments.

Average the Response time in all the environments to attain at the result.

By da way what is the ideal response time for a webpage???
3-5 secs is the ideal response time.
Hi Jelissa,

There is one addon for mozilla firefox, Extended status bar. it can help you to calculate page loading time manually.

Vishal shah

Hiee ,


try to use HTTP watch basics , it will give you response time , no. of bytes sent from page and recieved as well as no. of requests sent .


I think this is a perfect solution to your problem .

Ideal time for the web page as per standards should be 60 seconds




hi karan,


could u tell me how to use web_add_cookie function in the script.. if it is possible for you please add the scripts  as an attachment.



could u please send that file to my email id: dy.prithvi@gmail.com..

i am unable to access that file...


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