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How to automate outlook 2007 with QTP. QTP is not identifying the objects of outlook menu and calendar.

Actually my application is based on outlook, so i need to open my application from outlook menu with the qtp script, but i am not able to capture the objects of menu and calendar.
Can anybody suggest me the script.

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Hi Saurabh,

QTP does not identify the Microsoft outlook as is. If you can specify what are the action that you want to perform using QTP, then VB Script can be one of the approaches to accomplish the task.

Actually i need script to click on outlook menu and from there i want to click on the menu items:-
example-suppose i want to click on the search option from CourtCalendarPro menu (see the attached snapshots)
seems you guys are using infragistics for your apps..

for outlook menu item - use CTRL key while spying menu item. Also try using .net addin for your app
Hi Saurab,

This may not be a good way of scripting using QTP, but there are somethings where QTP becomes helpless, in that case we try to use some kind of shortcut.
What are the steps that i can think of in this scenario is :

1) Activate the Microsoft Outlook.
2) Use WshShell.SendKeys to activate the Menu items (CourtCalendarPro). Does it support alt keys ?
Check if there Alt+c activates the menu item.
3) The use the Enter using WshShell.SendKeys to expand the menu.
4) Use down arrow 3 times to reach the seach option, click on enter.

Hope this solves the issue :-)

Hi Saurabh,

i do not have QTP installed but COM reference of outlook.Application can be the last and best option. tryout.

All the best.


Hi Guys,

I have similar kind of problem and I am struggling to get over it.

We have Web application and it is integrated with MS Office.

So when you open e.g. Word you will see dedicated buttons for our application.

Now when I try to record and click event on the Word addons, QTP recognizes whole toolbar as one object with name "Window("Microsoft Word").WinObject("NetUIHWND").Click 150,80"

I want to identify the word addon with qtp and should be able to click on it, irrespective of coordinates.

Looking forward to solution from this forum.



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