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I wanted to analyze the JMETER reports. Please any one help me...

Thanks in advance


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Hi Saravanan,

This question is very generic.
You can add an aggregate report listener to the test plan and get these in output:

# Label - The label of the sample. If "Include group name in label?" is selected, then the name of the thread group is added as a prefix. This allows identical labels from different thread groups to be collated separately if required.
# Samples - The number of samples with the same label
# Average - The average time of a set of results
# Median - The median is the time in the middle of a set of results. 50% of the samples took no more than this time; the remainder took at least as long.
# 90% Line - 90% of the samples took no more than this time. The remaining samples at least as long as this. (90 th percentile )
# Min - The shortest time for the samples with the same label
# Max - The longest time for the samples with the same label
# Error % - Percent of requests with errors
# Throughput - the Throughput is measured in requests per second/minute/hour. The time unit is chosen so that the displayed rate is at least 1.0. When the throughput is saved to a CSV file, it is expressed in requests/second, i.e. 30.0 requests/minute is saved as 0.5.
# Kb/sec - The throughput measured in Kilobytes per second

You may also find the below links useful:

Best Regards
Tarun Prakash
Thank you Prakash

hi but i want to know about the measurement   of  the jmeter report & results now i m new in jmeter and give guidance of jmeter

and what is the best result in jmeter in Label , Samples,Average,Median, Min,Max ,Error %,Throughput , Kb/sec 

pls give answer in fast

and also see this file and give me correct answer

Thanks in advance


Hi all,

Which listener we should use to findout exact result easily?


I could please explain about total calculation i n 

Aggregate Report 

in Jmeter


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