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I am not able to write a code for identify light indicator. What it actually, In my project webpage.

If it is approved – the light indicator color is GREEN
If it is not approved – the light indicator color is RED
If it is not failed – the light indicator color is ORANGE

How I can approach to identify these colors? Please refer attachment file for reference.

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I need very urgent, please reply as early as possible
You can go for Image Checkpoint or Bitmap Checkpoint. You can verify with the color changes using those checkpoints.
I think those objects are bitmap objects which were created in .gif format. You can find those objects runtime properties by using GetROProperty. With this property you can find the dynamically changed object ‘VALUE’. Please check it and let me know is it right.
Generally light indicator functionality is only a change of image...as i have experienced so far.

yellow.gif images were there which would be loaded depending on the conditions as if val=1 then green.gif etc so on.

So just fetch & check the filename property of an image;


Hope it'll work..if the above said functionality is there.



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