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How product based testing differs from Project based testing. Give me a suitable example.

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can you frame it more clearly?

generally product based companies use Agile Framework for testing where as service based companies use different models like spiral, waterfall, Vmodel

in product based, the communication between dev and QA will be more and the QA team will be involved in sprint discussions and demos so they get idea on the product early


 Thanks Sravanthi,

Agreed with you but can you please give any short and sweet example ?



Diffrence between project and product based tersting.

1:For project based requirement are gather by specific client while for product based requirement are gathered from market anylyse them and move next steps.

2:For project based testing specific clients and  product based no specific client.

As a tester point of view in product based testing learning capability is much more as project

like different people use product and face different type of problems so as for knowledge point of view it is helpfull.

Product like MIS or hospital management.or on line railway reservation.project based like any particular site like face book,orkut 

but in project based also , testing team gets to know about the End to End scenarios of the users through project management team

i am currently working for a product based company and the product is a social networking site similar to facebook

for product based one product different owner can exist . like hospital manegement  software. so Hospital 1,hospital 2 ,hospital 3 and so on.so for one hospital manegement  system different hospitals are owner and they use according to their need. but as per project based concern  all person uses same way .only one owner and all are users

some wat true!


can you tell me which point is wrong ?
Thanks Abid

Hi Rakesh,

Adding to the list,

In automation point of view, there is more scope for automation in product based projects as compare to service based projects.








@ Rakesh ,

 None of the answers till now is correct...  and no one is even close to the answer ....    I would strongly recommend you to read the Product risk and Project risks section of Rex black ( foundation of software testing ) and try to find the answer yourself ..

can u sent  link
Thanks a lot Samrat but can you please send me some docs or link if possible ?


TTWT Magazine





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