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   Hi all,,,

                    How much regression testing is enough ...? If you change one line of code ,must you regression test the entire system ..?

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I believe regression testing is a default process of every functionality change like small or big or one line of code change.

If it is UI text change, regression test is not required, just re-testing is enough.

Correct me, if anything wrong.

Regression test is must even if changed single line, because regression is not cover entire system (app), it has covered nearest part and changed part of the particular line or area.   

Correct me, if anything wrong.

Humm, KLK,  How much regression testing is enough has a direct relation with the Impact on the unchanged area. I mean to say, Impact Analysis is required to ensure that which all area of the software is going to be impacted by the change, and that is how we calculate the need of regression.

You must be knowing that the Regression is of two types:

A) Partial Regression

B) Full Regression.

It is not necessary to go for full regression until the whole system has been impacted by the change.

Okay in your example, It might be possible that we will not go for regression if the change has nothing to do with the unchanged area.

Hope it will help you. But any further discussion on the same is still appreciated.


Samrat Jha

Technical Executive

QT Team.

 Thank's for the valuable points '' Samrat Jha'' ,adding a few points on regression and  this issue also applies to how much testing in general should be performed,and also it depends upon the relative risk of the application and how many resources like ( testers, tools, environment ) available.If the risk is great enough , you will need to completely  regression test the entire system.otherwise, you can get by with a lesser degree of regression testing , but keep in mind that regression defects can appear in very unexpected parts of the system ....

 Oh ... Without Impact Analysis, how can you get to know about the risk..?


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