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Following are the most common and widely used types of Software testing:

-Functional Testing

- Performance Testing
- Database testing
- Security testing

Functional testing further divided into following common types:

- Api Testing

- Web Application testing

- Mobile App testing

- Database testing

All above mentioned testing types can be done manually or through Automation.


give examples

Manual Testing: Manual testing includes testing a software manually, i.e., without using any automated tool or any script.There are different stages for manual testing such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and user acceptance testing.Manual testing also includes exploratory testing.
Automation Testing: Automation testing, which is also known as Test Automation, is when the tester writes scripts and uses another software to test the product.

1)Black box testing:
Internal system design is not considered in this type of testing.
It is a software testing method where in testers are not required to know coding or internal structure of the software. 

2)White box testing:

White box testing is also known as clear box testing, transparent box testing and glass box testing. 
This testing is based on knowledge of the internal logic of an application’s code.

3)Unit testing:
Testing of individual software components or modules.
It is done by the programmer and not by testers, as it requires detailed knowledge of the internal program design and code.
Unit testing usually involves in developing stubs and drivers. Unit tests are ideal candidates for automation. 

4)Incremental integration testing:
It is Bottom up approach for testing that is continuous testing of an application as new functionality is added.
It is done by programmers or by testers.

5)Integration testing

Integration testing also known as I&T in short, in one of the important types of software testing. 
Testing of integrated modules to verify combined functionality after integration.
This type of testing is especially relevant to client/server and distributed systems.

Read more about 30 types of software testing at http://qualitypointtech.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=8546

There are various types of testing:

1. Functional Testing: Functional Testing is a testing technique that is used to test the features/functionality of the system or Software, should cover all the scenarios including failure paths and boundary cases.

2. Regression Testing: Regression testing is defined as a type of software testing to confirm that a recent program or code change has not adversely affected existing features.

3. Retesting: Re-testing is a type of testing performed to check the test cases that were unsuccessful in the final execution are successfully pass after the defects are repaired

4. Smoke Testing: Smoke Testing, also known as “Build Verification Testing”, is a type of software testing that comprises of a non-exhaustive set of tests that aim at ensuring that the most important functions work. The results of this testing is used to decide if a build is stable enough to proceed with further testing

5. Sanity Testing: Sanity testing is the surface level testing where QA engineer verifies that all the menus, functions, commands available in the product and project are working fine.

6. GUI Testing: GUI testing is the process of ensuring proper functionality of the graphical user interface (GUI ) for a given application and making sure it conforms to its written specifications.

7. Compatibility Testing: This type of testing helps find out how well a system performs in a particular environment that includes hardware, network, operating system and other software etc.

8. Cross browser Testing: Cross Browser Testing is a type of functional test to check that your web application works as expected in different browsers.

You can easily find data on testing and different types on testing on the internet. Here is the link https://www.tutorialspoint.com/software_testing/software_testing_ty...


There are many types of software testing and test automation framework are available.

Most commonly used are

1. unit testing

2. Integration testing

3. Functional testing

4. System testing

5. Performance testing

6. Acceptance testing

7. Usability testing

8. Security testing

there are many types of software testing
Manual testing
Automation testing
theses are the major types
maintenance testing
Api testing
monkey testing
endurance testing

there are different type of Software testing. i have written a article regarding type of Software testing. 

As there are so many types of software testing are available we need to know the important testing types. Some of them are here Software Testing Types | Software Testing Company in India


There are numerous type of Software testing, I am trying to list down the some of them below:

Functional Testing:
Manual Testing:
Blackbox Testing
Smoke Testing
Functional Testing
Re testing
Regression Testing
Integration Testing
Sanity Testing
Usability Testing
Adhoc Testing
Globalization Testing
Compatibility Testing
Accesibilityy Testing
Recovery Testing
System Testing
Whitebox Testing:
Unit Testing
Whitebox penetration testing
Whitebox mutation testing
WB testing techniques:
Path coverage
Branch Coverage
Automation Testing
Non Functional Testing:
Performance Testing
Security Testing

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