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Cany any body tell me please?

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 If the requirements are changing frequently in that case I don't recommend to write low level test cases , instead I write abstract test cases ... and still in that case thorough regression will not be done..    logical dependency is identified and we proceed ....     here I would mention that if possible , at the time of reporting defects , We mention the areas which may  be affected by the change.

how much buffer time to accommodate the change request?


  I am getting lot of information on Regression testing, Thanks for every one .


  Can any one pls send  Test Plan example and Test cases for Regression testing or any links regarding Regression Testing. It will be more helpful for every one



Arun Kumar.B

Hiiii Everyone,

I think the topic was not so complicated..but the conversations and comments give it a new path..

that's also very good..

Samrat is outstanding as usual during his discussion..he is having very nice theoretical as well as practical knowledge..

Nothing more has left for me to comment. ;)


 Ha ha ha.... Thanks Atulya...  No worries yaar I am doing your Job...


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