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Cany any body tell me please?

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Hi samrat, is the Test Plan changes for Regression testing?



    Thanks dude... Really a nice question ..........  Yes We have Two types of Test Plan..

1) Master Test Plan      2 ) Detailed Test Plan.. 


1) Master Plan is Static  but Detailed Test plan may change during the life of the Project . 


2) For Detailed Test Plan :-- We have separate Test Plan for Each and Every Levels of testing.. and We may have a Separate Test Plan for Regression testing depending on the Complexity of the Application being developed..!!! an

any Comment is highly appreciated ..!



hi samrat jha ur answer s really nice.

Can u give one example for master test plan & detailed test plan?


Thanks for advance

Hai Samrat...thanks for the concept...I have doubt...

1) what is the necessity of maintaining Master Test Plan, when it is static???

WIll  any organisation implements it. I think it will be used if none of the Requirements change for a Project! which I think will be a very rare case...Let me know plz...



          once again a nice point..   Its rarest of the rare case ... when we do each n everything in a very planned manner ...  then only you could see the break down like this...   


Master test plan is kept at high level.. and here Detailed test plan will be created for all levels of testing like Unit test plan , Integration test plan , System test plan and if need be Regression test plan.. and when it comes to change in requirements then Detailed test plans will be maintained accordingly... 


as far as uses is concerned :-- They are mostly used in Generalised applications as well as Safety critical system or in the applications where you go for heavy weight s/w development models..




Master Test plan is STABLE not STATIC, detailed test plan will be incorporated into Master and thus Master is preserved.


How can plan be static for the life of the project? rather why has to be static?

ABu, Stable in the sense?? because you said that "detailed test plan will be incorporated into Master". So got doubt that if its kept on incorporated what does that STABLE refers to... Plz let me know..


Stable means without any frequent changes.


 Thanks Siddiq,   I made a mistake in writing,  instead of Stable I wrote Static..

 its indeed Stable...! 

Hi samrat,
Is there any Regression Test selection techniques we have?



Regression has following strategies, based on each or combination test cases are selected. like,


1) Regress priority

2) Regress Severity

3) Regress All

4) Regress Fixes

5) Regress changes




Hi siddiq thank's for the reply,

Regression test selection techniques are based on either code or specifications. Code-based selection techniques select a test case for execution if it exercises a portion of the code that has been modified. Specification-based criteria select a test case for execution if it is relevant to a portion of the specification that has been changed. Code- based regression test techniques can be supported by relatively simple tools. They work even when specifications are not properly maintained. However, like code-based test techniques in general, they do not scale well from unit testing to integration and system testing. In contrast, specification-based criteria scale well and are easier to apply to changes that cut across several modules. However, they are more challenging to automate and require carefully structured and well-maintained specifications.


TTWT Magazine





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