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Cany any body tell me please?

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 MR Lakshmi,

                    This is perhaps 2nd time I have noticed that You ask a Question for which you already know the answer .. and its a coincidence that both of the times Siddiq is also available ....   so indirectly you want to check "Our Ability " ..    but its unfortunate on your part..

be mature yaar...!

Hi samrat,

i am not checking the ability of you and siddiq,sharing ideas  is more important than speaking ourself ,and we are discussing the topic Regression ,if one knows better ,he can given a chance to produce the answer , that's what i am telling.


 thats fine but you asked a question then you replied yourself .. you could have replied without asking the question... if you want to share something then there is no need to ask a questions ... you can share directly and you are always welcome for that.........!

Hi samrat ,
I think you are angry with me,from next time ,i will never interfere ok, now you are happy...


 For your kind info ... I really love the intervention ... and you are always welcome to interfere  but in a positive way...  with a positive mentality... !

Hi samrat,
i like you and siddiq ,because you are solving the issues quite well,that's very great of you man,and be chill yaar!

There are 3 types of Regression Testing.

1.Unit Regression Testing:Testing the unit/feature for which it was fixed and might affect the other related features in the application is called Unit Regression Testing.

2.Regional Regression Testing:Testing the cahnges and impact regions is called Regional Regression Testing.This is the most preferred type of regression Testing.B'cos of less time and low cost.

3.Fully Regression Testing:Testing the changes on all remaining entire regions of the application is called Fully Regression Testing.

regression testing: testing the modified functionality along with the impact areas.

1)bug is fixed

2)change request is implemented

3)enhancement request is implemented

Madhurima ,

       1) Bug is fixed.. It comes under Re-testing not Regression testing...    and at no point of time It is the focus of Regression testing to make it sure that  2)change request is implemented and 3)enhancement request is implemented...


If these three things takes place: Regression will be done...  this can be a convincing answer...



Samrat Jha.

Hi Samrat,

                 According to this two types of testing [Retesting and Regression testing] which you give your first priority ,Retesting or Regression testing and why?



  Re and Regression, they both have their own importance ... as far as I am concerned , I give first priority to Retesting so that I can confirm  that the bugs really got fixed ... then I do Impact analysis and go for Regression testing ...    but One must not forget that many of the times it happens that Regression is done after Functional changes( Addition or Deletion of Features ) or Environmental changes in that case Retesting is not done.... 



Samrat .

if the requirements r changing frequently how do u handle the tasks with out impact ur schedules?


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