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How many times smoke testing is conducted to a application in life cycle?

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Reg Smoke testing:

How many times smoke testing is conducted to a application in life cycle?


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1 per release, term release can vary organization to organization, may you can 1 per build.
When the build OR release unit tested from developer team and come to QA guy that time need to do smoke testing.
Good Answer Aj!
Thank you... Abu
hi ,
Smoke testing is nothing but testing which is conducted to Aceept a developed build.
i.e, we will do the same for accepting every build.
Let suppose for our module there are 10 builds, then we have to conduct smoke testing ten times ......
Whenever tester recived build from developer tester need to do smoke testing.
Developer does Smoke testing before releasing the build
Tester does Sanity testing before accepting the build

Smoke testing is done once for every build released.
smoke testing is also done by testters not by developers
According to my knowledge how many times we will receive the build(modified build) from development ppl, that no.of times we have to do smoke testing
Smoke testing is conducted to ensure whether the major functions of a program are working or not.

pls correct me if am wrong
ONE Clarification Point for all :
The concept of BUILD sometimes comes in no way...
Like there can be a situation when there is no proper build given to QA against bugfixes or feature implementations and any major change(s) is to be deployed ON THE FLY over the LIVE environment. such cases do require Smoke and Sanity as well.

Rationally, it is absolutely correct that on receiving any build ( testable deliverable ); there should be a smoke / Sanity testing cycle on immediate bases.

someone can initiate another discussion on difference between Sanity and Smoke Testing ( if not clear or required)...

Once a build is out from the Dev' team, smoke test needs to be done by the QA team to ensure that the build is fit for testing.
Whenever you are getting a new build in the same release. That many times, we are supposed to perform the Smoke Test as per jar's impacted.



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