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How is database testing different for GUI based testing?

Starting this thread for mostly new testers.

Points are welcome.

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Hi Rashmi,

Database Testing is entirely different from GUI Based testing
As of my knowledge " Database Testing" is we test the back end database ,we check the following
Data integrity :Using DML.DDL commands verify whether data are insert into table
data validation:Verify the Primary key validation
Test the SP(Stored Procedure) Passs the Parameter as input and verify the output
We can test the Application functionality by change the table values using (DML,DDL) commands
Test the Triggers and Test the Job
Database testing mostly used in Enhancement projects and verify the database Structure
verify the data migration comes under database tesing

Hey Rashmi,

Please find below differences that I could figure out-

1) The scope of database testing is generally large owing to its voluminous data whereas the scope of GUI testing is generally not that large.

2)GUI testing is focused more on program code and look and feel whereas Database testing is more focused on data and information.

3)GUI testing is generally not carried out once it goes live into production, whereas database testing is required even after production deployment as there is little assurance of the way the data would come in future.


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