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We all know Technology is changing, but how important is the ISTQB to you?

Do you think it really makes a difference in your CV to an employer?

Tell me what YOU think. I'm looking to help you guys. If you guys are able to help me help you... it make's my life easier to know what a Tester really wants.

Lots of you blog, write on forums.. what is the support that you look for and need that you don't get from your employee? Is there anything you think you should have but don't in terms of support?

I want to know what your needs are as a Tester and what could help you!

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Jessica, you have a university qualification then you get into job -> after getting into job what is the use of the qualification. No certification is greater than univ degree. try to get a better univ degree instead of certification.

I disagree! As much as a university education is important, keeping yourself up-to-date with industry certifications is essential if you want to see yourself promoted through the corporate ranks. By industry certifications, I don't mean just limiting yourself to QA certifications. There are so many globally recognized ones out there that one should always strive to achieve.


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