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We all know Technology is changing, but how important is the ISTQB to you?

Do you think it really makes a difference in your CV to an employer?

Tell me what YOU think. I'm looking to help you guys. If you guys are able to help me help you... it make's my life easier to know what a Tester really wants.

Lots of you blog, write on forums.. what is the support that you look for and need that you don't get from your employee? Is there anything you think you should have but don't in terms of support?

I want to know what your needs are as a Tester and what could help you!

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 Hi Jessica Raymond,,,check this link to know the importance of ISTQB...



Many thanks Kotla for the response. What I am looking for is testers only personal views and how it has helped them/not helped them.

I want to know what you guys think :)

First of all your question is not clear.

I would not prefer ISTQB certificate because that does not add any value to tester's career. Instead of that I would prefer to learn test techniques and focus on my testing skills.

Hi Savita,

It is clear. It means what it says... How important is it to have an ISTQB certificate. You have responded to it as I want individuals to.

I agree it is about test techniques and keeping up to date with technology. As a former test recruiter, I do also believe there is benefits to have the qualification as many employees do look at is as they then know the tester is at a certain standard.

There is no wrong or write answer to this.

Certification Can only short list your CV.

Coming to company point of view

showing to clients we have so n so number of ISTQB Testers like that...

no other advantages i think sooooo..


What would you say is useless Siddiq?

if u have good experiance in software testing...i dont think so u need any certification.

Would you say it is therefore important to keep your testing knowledge up to date as often as you can?

yes jessica.just up to date your knowledge. sometime they issue repeated question paper for examination.

in company they ill see your experience and knowledge, hardly your certification.

knowledge and experience is enough for that...All d Best...

I found the same question in http://www.facebook.com/?sk=question&id=369457939788799&pos... lets try a poll with all our testing friends. I would request everyone who reads this post to answer the question and lets see what people (testers) think.

This is a prime example of is a "glass half-empty" or is the "glass half-full"?

There are going to be mixed reviews depending on who you talk to Jessica... ISTQB might have worked for someone, while it may have not seemed to do anything for others...

If I were a tester starting my career in the field of QA, then I probably would rate ISTQB as one of the premier certifications in the market and something that I would consider doing...

However, if I am an experienced tester with a few years of industry experience under my belt, then I probably would resort to other certifications that are possibly at an advanced level. Or I could choose to polish my Project Management skills... 

Some employers look for industry certifications and value them because it gives them a comfort level on the profile of the individual. Like you said in one of your posts below, there's no right or wrong answer to this... When in doubt, always do it because you never know when you might need it....



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