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I've always had a bit of an issue with companies that use recruiters to do all their hiring. I feel that you are less likely to find a person with the proper skills and characteristics than if you did the hiring yourself (from within the company). 

What is everyone's thoughts on this? Are there any particular techniques you use when hiring software testers? Also, what types of skills and traits do you look for?

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Hello Greg,

I ditto with you and I have experienced it personally as well. I was recruited for a company where only the recruiters interviewed me and the kind of questions they asked were more sort of conceptual questions, making me realize that I was lucky to be interviewed by the recruiters not by the Company itself. 

And recently we were to hire a few good candidates and we were in hurry to do so. We started interviewing candidates but unfortunately in 2/3 days of rigorous interview we could not process even a single candidate as the candidates coming for interviews were of poor skills. We decided to let the recruiters take at least first round of screening to filter good candidates as we were not in position to have 2/3 persons from the company to take full day interviews because of resource crunch and schedule. We started getting filtered candidate but we were surprised to know that candidates were again of the same sort of skills. Now we are hiring ourselves. 

If we talk about the techniques, We ask conceptual as well as scenario based questions. We try to judge candidates practically rather than theoretically... In fact we create a practical scenario which we face in our day to day professional life and then we let our candidates to put their views on the same and it helps us in filtering right candidate for us.

Skills and the traits of course vary for the position we are going to hire.


Samrat Jha.


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