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Like Can Some One Explain brief about this 2 Scenarios as am having an registration application for which i have to write on Sessions and Cookies Scenarios..

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I do not know flow of your application:
Assumption: - After successful Registration user logged in (No email validation)

Scenario1: - User should not be logged after registration if user deletes cookies after registration. User needs to login (Session should be expired because cookies are deleted and system is saving session in the cookies)

Scenario2: Verify that first registration should expired after 2 registration (Same browser) because system will overwrite the cookies.


Mobile app testing is completely different from web application testing so we should have to take care of some things before starting anything.

Things to consider before start app testing

1- Target audience

2- Target location

3- User point of view

4-Automation testing or manual testing

5-Expected result

Apart from this, you can refer below tips to get started with app testing

  • Mobile Device Selection
  • Choose between Emulators or Simulators
  • Test the Mobile App on Cloud
  • Network Connectivity
  • Performance testing
  • Security Testing
  • Usability Testing

For more details please visit: How to Test Mobile Application?


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