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how do we get to know a object in the application?

my doubt is : suppose we have  one application and from that application how we know that a object

is available?

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        When you record an operation on an object,Quick test learns a set of properties and values that uniquely describe the object within its parent object.In most cases ,this description is sufficient to enable Quick test to identify the object during  run session.

             Quick test has a pre-defined set of properties that it learns  for test object [Mandatory Properties], and also allow us to change when necessary.If mandatory property values are not sufficient to uniquely identify an object,then Quick test can add some [Assistive properties or an Ordinal identifier] in order to create a unique description of the object.

one doubt is when we are not using any recording mode so in that situation how  is it possible?



      By making use of Descriptive programming, we can instruct Quick test to perform methods on objects without referring to object repository[without recording].For this we must provide Quick test with a list of properties and values that Quick test can use to identify the object or objects on which you want to perform the method.



thnx reddy..can u explain me when we will start automation testing ?
reddy i m still confuse that if we are not using object repository and recording mode so how we can provide list of properties and values to the tool?


    By making use of object spy,we can view the run time or test object properties and methods of any object in an open application.We can use object spy pointer to point an object,the object spy displays the selected object's hierarchy tree.It displays the run time or test object properties and values of the selected object in the properties tab.It displays the run time or test object methods associated with the selected object in the methods tab.

thnx reddy...one more question that   when we will start automation testing ?


 The first step is to segregate the different test cases that are to be automated, followed by preparing test data as per the needs of the test cases. Reusable functions need to be written which are frequently used in those test cases. Later test scripts are prepared by using reusable functions and apply loops and conditions wherever necessary.

Hello Reddy

my question when we are supposed to start automation testing?

I mean any condition or any criteria..?

Hi ,

         To start automation testing

        >application should always be stable
        >Get the functionalities to repeat
        >Filtering the automated test case

Here is code to find an object is exist in application:


I assumed you are looking for an Link with name of Help in a webpage:


Set objHome = Browser("title:=abc").Page("title:=abc")

Set obj = Description.Create

obj("micclass").value = "Link"

obj("name").value = "Help"

If objHome.ChildObjects(obj).Count = 0 Then

Reporter.ReportEvent micInformation, "Link Search", "Help Link not found"


Reporter.ReportEvent micInformation, "Link Search", "Help Link not found # of " & objHome.ChildObjects(obj).Count & " times"

End If


I hope it helps (sometimes you would get challenge with CSS stylesheets, will let you know that code).




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