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how do we determine the statement coverage,decision coverage..

15) Consider the following:Pick up and read the newspaper Look at what is on television If there is a program that you are interested in watching then switch the the television on and watch the program Otherwise Continue reading the newspaper


If there is a crossword in the newspaper then try and complete the crossword

http://www.9th-direction.com Ohmkumar

a) SC = 1 and DC = 1

b) SC = 1 and DC = 2

) SC = 1 and DC = 3

d) SC = 2 and DC = 2

e) SC = 2 and DC = 3

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Answer is

e) SC = 2 and DC = 3

Statement coverage :In this case test case is executed so that every statement are covered atleast once.

Desicision Coverage:In this case test case is executed so that all decisions(T/F) are executed atleast once.

I hope you know nodes and edges.Please check

ajoysingha.info/.../Branch%20Statement%20Path%20Coverage.pdf -

It gives with example.

Now in this case we can put a flow shart

                                              A                     B                                C             D

                      Read newspaper-look at TV page-If program interested-(Yes)-on TV-Watch program

                                                                                        E                      F                        G

                                                                                 (No)-Continue reading-If puzzle found-(yes)-try and complete



                                                                                                                          (No)-Continue reading.

Let us find the paths to cover all statements once



For decision coverage



3.ABEFH(Since in second If statement we take the path that says No).This is not necessary to cover in statement coverage.Because already that statement is covered by going through the previous path.

So answer is SC=2:DC=3.

I hope you can understand.If you draw this like flowchart then you will get a clear idea.


Thank You friends


Excellently describe answer.. Anuradha



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