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Briefly Explain the process of crowdsourced testing and its benefits towards Mobile App testing

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These days there is a high demand of mobile app testing services having crowdsourced testing, due to following benefits:
1. Scalable Mobile QA : Crowdsourced testing provides a scalable & flexible alternative to traditional QA ways. By providing teams with a large, on-demand testing workforce, crowdsourcing represents a new way to perform QA that works well with the fast pace of Agile and CI/CD development cycles.
2. Faster QA : By integrating crowdsourced testing into their testing workflows, QA teams can develop more efficient testing strategies.
3. Localization Testing : Crowdsourced testing gives you opportunity to perform localization testing which allows testing the app in local languages & locations.
4. More coverage without resources : The test coverage increases by the use of wide range of devices which you might not be able to arrange yourself.


Crowdsourced Testing consists in delegating software testing tasks to a community of expert quality assurance testers through an online platform.With the increasing popularity of smart phones and mobile devices, mobile application (app) markets have been growing rapidly.  With the fast increase of the number of developed mobile apps, mobile device vendors and types, platforms, and appliances, we need novel cost-effective test approaches and tools to ensure quality of mobile apps.For Details->>http://bit.ly/leo_mobilelab


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