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Can any one advice me to make test plan?


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Pls explain me what is the difference between testing goal, objective, scope. Actually what content will b there in these section.

Thanks in Advance



Hi Arun,

First go through your project specification document clearly then You can find Test Plan template (IEEE 829-2008) in google search. It contains Test Items, Features to be tested, Features not to be tested, Test Schedule etc... 


You should have meeting with your Project Manager/Lead regarding testing tasks. Then only you can prepare good Test Plan. All the best





Test plan : test lead will study the approved srs and will prepare test plan for the project based on approved PMP.

entry criteria:

Approved PMP(project management plan)

approved SRS

Test plan template


exit criteria:

it will be reviewed and approved by test manager

once it is reviewed and approved test lead will create a baseline for test plan and will update in configuration repository or file server(VSS)

if interviewer ask about test plan say that in my company test lead is reponsible for praparing test plan we(test engg) executed the test plan.

correct me if im wrong


  Could anybody ps send the test plan docs.It would be very helpful to me.

Thanks in advance






Can anybody send test plan docs.It would ve very useful to me.Pls do needful

  Id:  s.aparna.sai@gmail.com




Generally test plan phase starts with team formation.project manager and team lead will form the team by considering these factors.
Project size,
Project complexity
Available time
Available budget
Available testers.
And then prepare the test plan format. as..
Test plan I.D
Module names
Modules to be tested
Modules not to be tested
Test approach
Entry criteria
Suspention criteria
Exit criteria
Test deliverables
Work allocation

hi friends 

here i am attached sample test plan document, if u want any templates mail me i will forward

my ids - veerume@gmail.com, venky.maguloori@gmail.com


Thanks & Regards


Hi Kirti Nigam,


Could you pls send me the sample test plan which you have created kindly.
pls tell me that plan is regarding which domain project.(Banking,Insurance,etc...)
My mail id: panilkumar0907@gmail.com

HI kirty please send me test plan sample on ibnussabilk@gmail.com


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