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Can any one advice me to make test plan?


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Yeah Arun...

Test case is simply a set of test inputs and actions performed with a result to be analyzed.

And in test cases we'll combine all type of testing methodologies for valid and invalid both.



Hanee Srivastava


    Test plan includes test cases conditions, test methodologies, Features what to be tested or not, responsibilities with defined scheduling depends on client needs.




Akhalesh yadav

And as per the point of Test Plan, its just the methodology to make a plan in systematic manner to include all the techniques and tools or any other method for the complete testing procedure.

Hi Arun,

The test plan defines the objectives and scope of the testing effort, and identifies the methodology that your team will use to conduct tests. It also identifies the hardware, software, and tools required for testing and the features and functions that will be tested.

 This is basically the resposibility of testing Leads/Managers/Seniors, but if u want to create it for your own practice, i have made it for my project and i also have soome sample test plan which i can send u....

Can you send on my mail id as well??

hanee.srivastava@hotmail.com is my mail id....


can you please send it to my mail id,i am very thankful to u....

my mail id: pretty.190187@yahoo.com

Hi Kirti,


    Could you please send me few samples of test plan documents.


Thanks in advance!




Yeah Sure Kirti Send it on my mail id: arun.kumar@ebix.com if possible or arun_kashi@yahoo.co.in



Hi Kirti Nigam,


Could you pls send me the sample test plan which you have created kindly.
pls tell me that plan is regarding which domain project.(Banking,Insurance,etc...)
Thanks in Advance
Thanks & Regards,

Hi Kirti,
can you forward me sample test plan to my email id tdemo.7@gmail.com

could u pls send me to at kanaparthi.vijaykumar@gmail.com

hi if possible plz send it to my mail id venky.maguloori@gmail.com




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