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How can we execute QTP scripts in quality center?

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You may find this one useful How to integrate QC and QTP?


ARavindhan, Admin QTP help

Q) How can we execute QTP scripts in quality center?

A) In QC one tab button is there to launch qtp tool in that u can write script but not editable . i think u got the answer


i got it sri

if u have screen shots of Quality center 9.0 plz mail to :    raju16prasad@gmail.com

becoz iam unable to install QC in my laptop


reddy prasad

hi reddy prasad

  i sent u a pdf format quality center 9.0 installation process . i think it will guide u better .

hi prasad..,

   1st create ur script in qtp,then we hav 1optn in qtp 2 cnt qc,thru that 1 cnt qc,then clk on save butn,nw u can see ur save window is difrnt,is not as usual save window,thru this window u can save ur script in qc.......now open ur QC,login with same username,same domain&same prjt name,take test lab,in that phase u can view ur qtp script as well as u can run the qtp scripts..................


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