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How can v report the bug if the test cases are not well prepared?

If you have executed 100 test cases ,every test case passed but apart from these testcase you found some defect for which testcase is not prepared, then how you can report the bug?

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Perhaps your bug report could include the steps necessary to reproduce the bug (assuming it is reproducible).
You should Report the defect then add to the test cases this missing one

As Amira pointed out, you could either report the bug in the bug db & then add this test case to your test case repository.


Or, if in case, you make any references of your test case id in the bug that you log, first add the test case & then log the bug.

Hello Ananthakumaran....agree with You but i think first the defect should be reported then creating the test cases and also it is does't important that the defect has test case id just in this case ....so later it may be a flag for leasons learned.....

Test condition is present in the MRD(requirement document) but not included in the test case in this case update the test condition for the respective test case and track the issue by providing the steps to reproduce.

Test condition is not present in the MRD but that functionality is required at the customer end point of view in this case track the issue as enhancement bug.

First you log the bug in the defect tracer and then append  cases for those defects in your test worksheet

Thats not a critical sitution ,its very common for testers...many times testers first prepare testcases then excute them but not found any bug ...then they try to do some monkey testing and found some bug ...then for reporting this bug we should write steps to reproduce and prepare testcase for same  ...:)




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