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How can i test web appication in different browsers using QTP testing tool


I have a knowledge in manual testing. I have never used testing tool QTP earlier. Pls any one let me know that, how can i test web appication in different browsers using QTP testing tool. Is QTP tool is easy to use.  

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Logic and VB Scripting is the major criteria to work with QTP , Visist:http://www.learnqtp.com
You can't test the application on different browsers using QTP. You can use Selenium instead of QTP to test the web application on different browsers.
Hi Venu ,
Thanks for ur suggession. i was very tensed that how can i test an web app in diff brws using qtp. u make me feel tension free. thanks once again.
you can use different browser by using qtp the script is common for web application so you no need to worry about the browser type

main things which you should do before executing a script for web application is

open the application in browser before clicking run button in qtp


give the link for your application in qtp
yeh QTP support different browers in web application .For example below scripts to open the explore browser --> SystemUtil.run "iexplore.exe","http://www.gmail.com" , replace the iexplore.exe as different browser like opera , firebox, etc ....
if any query any QTP , you can message me ...

can u be bit clear on this, i mean write the rest code for invoking application using remaining browsers

You can test web application in different browsers using QTP.

You can record the script using QTP on IE browser only, but the same script can be executed on other browsers too.


If I'm wrong, pls anyone correct me.



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