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How can i test a allignment (center,Left right) of any text of any page through manual testing?

Hi ,

Can anyone plz do let me knw that How can i test a allignment (center,Left right) of any text of any page through manual testing? How Would i know that this is correct allignment according to requirement?



Ruby Luthra

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There are only two ways to conform it, Either you can check with the screenshots provided if the requirement has or you should consult with your lead. Mostly the requirement provides you all details

Check the resource file Developers have used to Develop the UI.


Resource File is a UI design document which details the UI.

Hi Abu,

would u plz Explain that i can i check allignment through resource file?????????


Ruby Luthra 

Yes you can check the alignments as the control will be displayed in a GRID, but I am not sure, if your developers are going to share with you.

I have done it for 2 yrs, so thought of shaing!

More over a Resource file has to be opened using MS Office Info path or similar tool.


if the alignment wihtin an application, there are many cases to do
1- In the defualt language you have in the application ( Ex. English the defualt is left for the text

2- if the system configure the language as English then open the page, write text, the alignment must be on the left

3- try many cases on the defualt languag and always compare with trusted product like Ms word see how it deals with text alignment

4- the other important cases are:try customized cases with supported languages, must have a list of supported languages in the test plan
a- you must have Ruller to test the alignment if the center is correct or not.
b- try to change the language to unsupported language, see the application what will do on this case
c- also you must try all the supported languages to see if the alignment works fine or not.
d- check the text how respond for the alignment if you select a language and the System has diffrent language.
e- mark the text then click on left, right center, the text must automaticly moved with correct side of the page

Hello Ruby,

there is one addon of mozilla (firefox) measureit u can use to check allignment........TC GOD BLESS U ALLLL
Thanks & Regards




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